As an art student studying at the School of Visual Arts in Lower Manhattan in the 80's I found my passion in Collage and Mixed Media. While working for a publishing company doing magazine design, I came upon a problem of finding illustration for the magazine articles, so I started to create collage for this purpose. It was a successful way to create visual illustration that pertained directly to the idea layed out in the article. After a creative and successful professional career as an Art Director, Senior Designer and Graphic Artist, I have decided to do my mixed media and collage work full-time and keep exploring.
I am a Mixed Media and Collage Artist working with materials such as: acrylic paint, oil pastels and visual images cut from magazines, books, tissue papers and typography on paper. Through the layering process this work is an explorational medium that gives insight to spontaneity that gives the pieces a verbal language of their own.
This piece is the technique I call "Spontaneous Combustion". Without any preconceived ideas, I started out with the visual imagery that I had in front of me. I kept layering and and adding on until I reached the edges and in a way I don't understand. I bared my soul in the trust and commitment I gave to this piece.
This piece is a representative piece I use in my workshop "Spontaneous Combustion"
I am a Graphic Designer who spent years in the professional realm of art directing and designing publications, such as magazines, catalogs and marketing materials, packaging, advertising and many other forms of media communication.
Carolyn Brown Design​
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This piece is a landscape piece that is 6' x 4' 
This is a Dog Portrait of a dog named "Frida Kahlo" 
This is a logo design for "French Dirt Cycling Tours"
This is an ad for a Handmade Jewelry Designer.
This is me on a trip to LA!